and imec join forces:

Tech Start-Up Innovation Market

23 November 2015 at imec, Leuven

A lively marketplace for top innovators in hardware and software, for top tech start-ups, and for ambitious investors.

This first class evening event will be hosted at imec in Leuven, and consist of a plenary session with experienced technology innovators, followed by an innovation market with demo and info booths.

A unique opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs with or without experience, with or without technology.

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Programme and location

17:30 Arrival & registration

18:00 Welcome & context

18:15 Tech Start-ups & Entrepreneurship in Flanders  (20mins per speaker)

  • Frank Gielen (iMinds): Flipped tech transfer 
  • Ingrid Willems (FIWARE): Digital Innovation Hubs
  • Raf Meersman (Comsof): Becoming global market leader in a niche market: Lessons learned
  • Martin De Prycker (Qbic): Innovation for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs: lessons learned
  • Ludo Deferm, (imec): How does imec support venturing from inside and outside

19:55 Short introduction to the demos

20:00 Technology Market

  • Visit to the demos & tech start-up companies
  • Networking reception

22:30 End

This free event, co-organised by and imec, will take place at the premises of imec. The address is: Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee. If desired, there are more detailed instructions on how to reach imec.

Technology Market

Technology demos:


  • a live demo of a compact hyperspectral camera, that opens a new world for identification and classification of objects. Develop your application for e.g. drones, medical, machine vision, agriculture,...
  • a live demo of an intuitive Internet-of-Things sensor platform (for air quality monitoring)
  • smart wearables, including algorithms for energy expenditure and activity tracking
  • EEG headset able to predict your intention (with car steering demo)
  • data science: how to create intelligence out of wearable sensor data
  • imec's services for electronic design and prototyping, bringing your Internet-of-Things idea to life
  • semi-transparent solar cells for integration in windows

    [KU Leuven]

  • A live demo of capturing a 3D face from just 1 photograph with 3D Morphable Models
  • AXES: Advanced Access Technology for Video archives
  • Demo of a portable light dome for digitization of an object (3D surface, color, reflectance properties, albedo, BRDF,…)
  • a demo for a full duplex wireless communication system
  • PARIS: a LICT/KU Leuven technology for smart fashion search


  • Hammer-IMS (Hammer Industrial Measurement Systems), a KU Leuven tech start-up for inline precision measurements. 
  • allora Factory: long-range low-power wireless communication of sensor data
  • THeo Connected: wearables, connectivity and communication for children
  • GUPSY, a tech start-up featuring LoRaWAN base stations and sensors.
  • Gravitence: a tech start-up for integrating location intelligence in business processes.
  • OpenTelly: a tech start-up from FIWARE for videostreaming with 'THEOplayer'.
  • LayeredPrints: a FIWARE tech start-up for 3D Printing.
  • Andaman7: FIWARE tech start-up for eHealth.

Innovation partners:

  • Imec Interact: enabling technology innovations in Flanders
  • LCIE: Leuvens Centrum for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Speakers' biographies

Martin De Prycker

Martin is managing partner of the Qbic Fund (an interuniversity seed and VC fund of 41 M€), investing in university spin-offs. Since 2009, he also gives advice to companies supporting their innovation and growth strategies and implementation. Martin is also a member of the board of directors of Proximus, Newtec, Anteryon, Track4C, Sentiance and Venture Spirit. Before that he has been the founder and CEO of Caliopa, CEO of BARCO and held several positions at Alcatel-Lucent

Frank Gielen

Dr. ir. Frank Gielen has extensive experience with R&D in the telecommuncation and software technology industry as well as with raising venture capital, university-industry cooperative research and spin-off creation. He held a number of technical and management positions in the software industry. He started as a software architect at AT&T Labs in the US and was director of software technology at Alcatel. In 1998, he joined Tellium, a US based start-up company in optical network technology as the VP of Software Engineering, which had a successful IPO on NASDAQ in 2001. He returned to Europe that year as the CEO for Tellium EMEA. Currently, he is professor of software technology entrepreneurship at the University of Ghent. As from 2011, he is Director of the Incubation & Entrepreneurship at iMinds, the leading ICT incubator in Flanders.

Ludo Deferm

Dr. Ludo Deferm, Ph.D. serves as Executive Vice President of Interuniversity MicroElectronics Center. Dr. Deferm is responsible for the business development, legal and IP/patent groups worldwide as well as for all public relations and marketing communications activities at Interuniversity MicroElectronics Center. Within the scope of his responsibilities, Dr. Deferm is actively involved in the creation of new spin-off companies and in the expansion of Interuniversity MicroElectronics Center. He serves as Director of Essensium NV. He serves as a Member of Technology and Cleantechnology Advisory Board at GIMV NV. Dr. Deferm holds a Ph.D. degree.

Ingrid Willems

Ingrid holds a Master in Industrial Sciences and she obtained an MBA from the University of Augsburg (Germany) in collaboration with the Katz Business School. She started her professional career at Siemens in Munich, as a Software Engineer. Ingrid developed a passion for building & developing online businesses as CMO at Wolters Kluwer Transport Services and later on as COO of Immoweb. In 2012, Ingrid founded her own marketing consultancy company and launched DataScouts in 2014. Ingrid joined iMinds in 2014 as Entrepreneur in Residence. She is in charge of the FIWARE acceleration program in which she enables business & technology innovation for starters and SMEs. She maintains relationships with the European consortium partners as well as the European Commission. Ingrid and the FIWARE team are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with organizations providing business support to SMEs in Belgium.

Raf Meersman

Raf Meersman started his career at Comsof as a consultant in 1999 after graduating as an engineer in telecommunications. In 2005, Raf became CTO. In this role he was responsible for the research and development of FiberPlanIT, Comsof's optimisation engine for FTTx network planning. In 2012, Raf became shareholder and CEO of the Company.


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